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Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Stephanie Tamez' interest in painting and mixed media began in her teenage years.  Tamez began her career in Graphic Design at the early age of 18.  She moved from Ad agencies, into on air graphics for an ABC television affiliate.  At the age of 25, Tamez moved to San Francisco, and began working at Tower Records illustrating large scale album and film art as the lead artist for the famous Castro Street store.   

Tamez, at the age of 30 learned to tattoo in San Francisco. She moved to NYC in 2000 and started working at Lori Levin's famous New York Adorned for 9 years, Tamez moved to Saved Tattoo in Williamsburg Brooklyn, co-owning Saved with Scott Campbell and her wife, Virginia Elwood. In August 2020 Tamez began a collective private studio, This Time Tmrw where they work and create art in Greenpoint Brooklyn.

Stephanie Tamez_10_Let The Wild Out- a t

Let The Wild Ones Out

24" x 18"

Acrylic on Canvas

Light Projection II


Light Projection II-min.jpg

Village of Cross and Triangle Heads

22" x 30"

Ink on thick Arches

Village of Cross and Triangle Heads  II-

Sheets II




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