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Tattooed Paper (2015)

Reductive Tattooed Paper Technique (2015)

2013     Bodies of Subversion, Book by Margot Mifflin

2011     Tattoo World, Book by Marisa Kakoulas and Michael Kaplan, Abrams

2011     Tatt Book, Visionaries Of Tattoo by Jospeh Ari Aloi, Rizzoli

2010     Body Type 2: More Typographical Tattoos, by Ina Saltz, Abrams

2008     Inked Magazine, article

2007     New York Magazine, featureSTEP Inside Design, feature

2006     Body Type: Intimate Messages Etched in Flesh, by Ina Saltz, Abrams

2004     Juxtapoz Magazine, Tattoo Issue

2001     New York Magazine, article HOMME ARENA, Spring issue“Outsiders Are In”

Close Up Technique (2015)

Time Lapse Falcon Tattoo (2009) Shot by Bryce Ward

Spinning Wheel Painting Process (2011)

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